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How to Convert an AudioBuffer to an Audio File with JavaScript

This tutorial will show you how to write an AudioBuffer from the Web Audio API to a WAV audio file. You can find the project on GitHub here. If you’re not sure how to get an AudioBuffer from an audio file, check out my previous blog post about how to process an uploaded file with […]

How to Integrate Stripe Payment API with CodeIgniter & PHP

This guide will show you how to integrate the Stripe Payment API with your existing CodeIgniter website. CodeIgniter’s Model-View-Controller structure and Query Builder Class make this integration pretty straightforward. If you’re used to working with API’s then this integration should be pretty simple for you. I would highly recommend you use either Stripe Checkout or […]

How to Easily Get Rid of All Mixed Content Errors

Mixed Content Errors? Do you have mixed content errors on any pages of your site after changing from HTTP to HTTPS? This is caused by your page or a JavaScript script in your page requesting a resource over HTTP. After you’ve searched your site’s files and database for links that use HTTP, you should have […]

How to Process an Uploaded File with the Web Audio API

The Web Audio API was created to give developers more control over the audio that plays in browsers. This tutorial will show you how to use the Web Audio API to process audio files uploaded by users in their browser. We will be using a Compressor Node in this tutorial, but you can use one […]

How to Make Money Online

Here are a few creative ways to make money online. I've tried all the methods below and found them to work to one degree or another.

How To Create A Game With JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas

In this step by step guide, I’ll show you how to create a game with pure JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas. I’ll give code examples along the way. The complete project files are in GitHub. You can see an example of the game we will be creating here. The object of the game is for the […]

Do You Really Need That JavaScript Library?

A lot of developers jump to add another JavaScript Library to their page that does some fancy thing. What many fail to think about, is how this increases their page load time. It’s even easier to fall into this trap when you aren’t the only one maintaining a site and the performance impact of your code […]