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How to Make Money Online


Here are a few creative ways to make money online. I’ve tried all the methods below and found them to work to one degree or another. Unless you own a high traffic site, the most lucrative of these options will be marketing your skills on a freelancing platform. The phone apps really don’t pay much at all. However, I mentioned a few here because they require no effort aside from installing them.

Join a Freelancing Platform

Upwork is an online tool that connects freelancers and clients, so you have to have a marketable skill set to have any success here. I personally do Fullstack Web Development on Upwork, but there are a huge number of fields beside IT that work great for remote contracting. Some examples would be Graphic design, Mixing/Mastering, language translation, Web and Digital Media QA, and transcription. There are all kinds of work and new jobs posted daily. There are other online talent marketplaces to get involved with like FiverrHubstaff Talent, and Freelancer.

Passive Income

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Making money online with passive sources is the most rewarding. These examples take either a little or a lot of effort to get going, but once they’re started, they require little or no effort to continue generating income.

Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a website with content that people enjoy? You can join the Amazon affiliate program or a network like CJ Network and place their ads in your site. When someone comes to their site from yours and purchases goods or services, you get a commission. This can be more profitable than ads depending on your site’s content and what you’re marketing.


An alternative to affiliate marketing is ads. Setting up an account with Google Adsense is extremely quick and easy. Adsense even has scripts you can add to your site that will automatically place ads in various places. This tends to not look as good as adding the ads yourself in the website templates but is a great option for people with no coding experience. This takes a lot of traffic to generate a substantial amount of income, but there is a huge amount of potential in internet’s daily traffic. Here’s an article that shows you what it takes to generate $100,000 with Google Adsense.

Android Apps that Show Ads

These are a little annoying but well worth it. The best one, in my opinion, is S’more because you always get 10 cents per day no matter what you do. All you have to do is download the app and create an account. Then you start earning every day as long as it’s installed. While it’s installed, you see an ad when you unlock your phone and swipe it away. You can use it to purchase gift cards for Amazon and a few other things. There is a 100 point minimum (10 days) to redeem. The gift card is emailed to you immediately. You may want to try other Ad apps like Slidejoy and Adme as well. However, I find these don’t pay well at all for me. That’s because they pay based on interactions, and I never interact with them.

Android Apps that Gather Usage Statistics

Another way to generate a bit of passive income with your phone is to install an app that tracks usage statistics. There is one called Mobile Performance Meter by Embee Mobile that is excellent. You just install it and allow it to gather usage statistics. Check it every once in a while and redeem your points for gift cards to Amazon, restaurants, clothing, recreational and more. Right now, there are a little over 60 places to choose from when redeeming gift the cards. This app pays 5 cents per day, but requires no effort whatsover.


There are a ton of ways to earn money and even passive income online. These are just a few that have worked for me. There other apps like Ibotta that allow you to upload receipts and get rewarded for buying certain things or Gigwalk where you can do little jobs and get paid. There are also quite a few bogus apps that are either scams or don’t pay enough to be worth your time. I only included the ones here that I found useful. Give them a try, and see what you think.

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