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Browse web development tutorials using PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. they cover WordPress, Backend, Frontend, Web Audio, Web Audio API, and other API’s.

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Most Commonly Used Git Commands with Examples

Version Control is an essential part of application development, and Git is a great Version Control System solution. This post is a list I’ve compiled of the most commonly used Git commands with their options and examples of how I use them.

How to Include PHP Files – Both Windows and Linux Compatible

This article will show you how to include a PHP file so that it works on both Windows and Linux environments.

How to add Event Listeners to Google Maps Markers Inside a JavaScript Loop

Adding an EventListener to a Google Maps Marker can be a little trickier than it seems at first glance. This is because of variable scope and closures in JavaScript.

How to Serve Multiple Sites from Subdirectories with Windows, Apache, and Virtual Hosts

This tutorial will show you how to configure Windows with Apache Server virtual hosts to serve multiple sites from subdirectories on the same server.

The Importance of SSL Certificates

SSL is a big step in making your site more secure for you and your users. It means all the data sent between your server and your users' computers is encrypted.

How to Convert an AudioBuffer to an Audio File with JavaScript

This tutorial will show you how to write an AudioBuffer from the Web Audio API to a WAV audio file. You can find the project on GitHub here. If you’re not sure how to get an AudioBuffer from an audio file, check out my previous blog post about how to process an uploaded file with […]

How to Integrate Stripe Payment API with CodeIgniter & PHP

This guide will show you how to integrate the Stripe Payment API with your existing CodeIgniter website. CodeIgniter’s Model-View-Controller structure and Query Builder Class make this integration pretty straightforward. If you’re used to working with API’s then this integration should be pretty simple for you. I would highly recommend you use either Stripe Checkout or […]

How to Process an Uploaded File with the Web Audio API

The Web Audio API was created to give developers more control over the audio that plays in browsers. This tutorial will show you how to use the Web Audio API to process audio files uploaded by users in their browser. We will be using a Compressor Node in this tutorial, but you can use one […]

How to Make Money Online

Here are a few creative ways to make money online. I've tried all the methods below and found them to work to one degree or another.

How To Create A Game With JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas

In this step by step guide, I’ll show you how to create a game with pure JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas. I’ll give code examples along the way. The complete project files are in GitHub. You can see an example of the game we will be creating here. The object of the game is for the […]